G.P Thomas Case Study

G.P Thomas Case Study

GP Thomas are an award-winning building contractor based in Leominster who were struggling with slow internet before contacting Full Fibre who transformed the entire business park with ultrafast fibre broadband.  

How did you initially hear about Full Fibre Limited? 

I made contact with the Chamber of Commerce as we were having a lot of trouble with very poor internet. The Chamber put me in touch with Fastershire and we ended up going through an EU grant process to have the infrastructure brought into our estate as the major providers would not invest at that time. Once the grant was signed off Full Fibre contacted us to say they were contracted to undertake the work and things progressed from there. 

What was your broadband connection like before Full Fibre and how was it impacting your company? Had you considered changing your network previously? 

Appalling. We were suffering from speeds lower than 1mb/s at times which meant large emails, documents etc simply could not be sent or received. We would often be forced to send hard copies or data sticks with information in the post. It was an infrastructure problem.  

How did you find the switch to full fibre broadband? 

I was pleased and surprised and how smoothly things went. Dan was very proficient and the work was done largely to programme. There was a little teething trouble with Triangle Networks to get the service live but the installation etc was fine.  

What benefits have you seen from switching to a full fibre network? How has it changed your company specifically? 

It has made data management within the business significantly quicker and more efficient. Large emails could take nearly an hour to send previously, now seconds to minutes at most. We are now able to utilise cloud-based storage allowing staff to access information and documents remotely.   

Would you recommend others to switch to a full fibre network?